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Bacon Rolls to Plastic Dolls is a blog that is written by me, Adam Share.
This is me trying to look cool.
Facts about me include - I am a softie at heart. I dislike bad manners. I love blogging (obviously). I get annoyed by slow walking window shoppers. I have a strange phobia of Ladybirds (Coccinellidaephobia) and I love my family dearly.

Professionally, I was a builder for many years and enjoyed it very much but my old aching body refused to do it anymore so I decided to try something new.

I somehow ended up at University studying Psychology & Criminal Behaviour but these days I am a partner in a Baby and Childrens Boutique and a Toy Shop. I have now found myself here blogging, it's a funny old life hey? I am fairly new to blogging but I will always try to be fun, open and honest.

Through a daddy's eyes I will share my thoughts on family, the world and my 3 little girls.


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